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International EHS Compliance

Dakota Software offers international regulatory content and audit protocols through our partnership with Enhesa, a global regulatory consulting firm.


For multinational organizations that wish to proactively manage their global compliance programs and ensure consistent audit protocols. Each module contains an overview of key country data including the legal structure, environmental authorities, and national holidays. 

Regulatory content includes audit checklists, supporting details, and links to available online full-text regulations. Dual language is available for most modules.


  • A fully integrated and automated solution that brings international EHS content to Dakota's compliance planning and auditing solutions
  • Enhesa's broad international coverage complements Dakota's deep U.S regulatory content
  • Leverages Dakota's "Decision-Tree" applicability engine to identify relevant requirements and refine audit scope
  • International profile migration tracks changes between updates while supporting seamless task management
  • Empowers EHS leaders to gain a holistic view of their global compliance status and risks

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