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Manage EHS compliance tasks and action items across the organization

Consolidate Action Items originating from compliance requirements, audit findings, incidents, and other events, and provide real-time visibility into compliance status and EHS performance.

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Centralize action tracking analysis and insights

Centralize action tracking analysis and insights

Completion Scorecards help site leaders evaluate their teams performance and identify which roles have a heavy workload. Interactive dashboards and filters allow Corporate EHS leaders to explore trends and identify compliance gaps across facilities and regulatory domains.

Proactively drive EHS compliance programs

Site-specific regulatory profiles help to ensure your compliance plans are always accurate and up-to-date. Compliance Calendars and dashboards show which tasks are completed or coming due and task details show when related regulations have changed.

Proactively drive EHS compliance programs
Provide guidance and establish accountability

Provide guidance and establish accountability

Action Items include links to related citations, audit questions, and events details establishing a consistent knowledge base and providing context for your teams. Email notifications keep responsible parties informed and event logs document all changes so it’s clear who did what and when.

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User EngagementUser Engagement

  • Easy access via Single sign-on (SSO)
  • In-product Guides and contextual Help menus
  • Live Chat, Web Training, and User Events

Flexible & AccessibleFlexible & Accessible

  • Configurable locations, forms, dashboards, and alerts
  • Permission-based access by User Profile & Personality
  • User-defined email alerts with item-specific links

Enhanced CollaborationEnhanced Collaboration

  • Multi-language translation of menus and forms
  • Centralized, secure document repository
  • User-defined email notifications and reminders

Business IntelligenceBusiness Intelligence

  • System and user-defined data views & dashboards
  • Interactive data exploration using Parametric Filtering™
  • Configurable Home Screen with one-click data access
Cornerstone Chemicals

“Being able to visualize all of our tasks in one place is really important. The calendar also gives us a great overview of what compliance items have recently been completed and what is coming due.”

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