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ProActivity Suite


Track emissions, energy, and other ESG data for streamlined sustainability reporting

Set goals, measure progress, and identify opportunities for improvements across your organization so you can share a complete and credible sustainability story.

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Build your emissions inventory

Build your emissions inventory

Save time collecting and processing data so you can rapidly submit your reports to third-parties. Metrics includes comprehensive and up-to-date libraries of emissions factors from multiple reputable authorities, such as the GHG Protocol, the EPA, and more.

Track Key Performance Indicators

Track any type of activity data such as electricity used, community investments, fines paid, etc. Track any impact such as emissions, energy, distribution loss, etc. Normalize anything by intensity metrics such as area, number of employees, and revenues.

Track Key Performance Indicators
Set targets and identify outliers

Set targets and identify outliers

Set targets and measure progress towards renewable energy, emissions reductions, distribution of workforce by gender/ethnicity, or other goals. Interactive dashboards give you instant access to fine-grain analytics, so you can discover opportunities for efficiency improvements.

Tell your sustainability story

Simplify communications of your environmental and sustainability initiatives so that your story is clear, compelling, and credible. Metric’s “Storyboards” combine narrative, charts, and images and can be shared privately, semi-privately or publicly.

Tell your sustainability story
Veolia Environmental Services

"Dakota's proactive solutions have helped us remain committed to our corporate sustainability policy of "People, Planet and Performance."

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