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Quickstart Tours provide on-demand user onboarding

March 10th, 2021

Quickstart Tours provide on-demand user onboarding

EHS professionals are busy. They wear multiple hats and overlap with nearly all functions of the business. As such, time is one of their most precious commodities. Software tools can help to “do more with less” but software training also requires an investment of time. Knowledge Bases are great for “power users” but may be overwhelming for others. Live training is also helpful, but coordinating schedules can be tricky.

Following the 2020 release of automated Welcome Tours, Dakota is pleased to introduce Quickstart Tours to the ProActivity Suite. These on-demand guides help users learn the products at their own pace and on their own schedule. Accessible from the Launch Pad, the Quickstart Tours menu provides visual indicators of each user's progress through onboarding checklists in the following areas:

  • Home Screen Welcome Tour - An overview of basic navigation and support resources

  • Tracer and Scout Workspace Tours - An overview of the workspaces and key features

  • Working with Views - Access, save, and share groups of items by location and criteria

  • Organizing the Table - Customize the table to see the item details in one place

  • Using the Tracer Calendar - Get visibility into the status of Action Items by month

  • Exploring with Dashboards - Analyze trends and add favorites to your Home Screen

  • About Home Screen Favorites - Consolidate insights and get one-click access to important information

From a system administrator’s perspective, these guides help to increase adoption and create a positive first impression with new users. From a new user’s perspective, less time learning to use the software means more time focused on EHS-related activities.

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Robert Kimball

Robert Kimball

Director of Marketing

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