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Product tours help onboard new ProActivity users

August 10th, 2020

Product tours help onboard new ProActivity users

You’ve done your due diligence, consulted with your peers, participated in round after round of product demos, and finally selected the perfect EHS software solution. After signing contracts you spent weeks with your team configuring the system, uploading historical EHS data, and meticulously planning your roll out strategy. So why are you so nervous about “go live?

When you're introducing EHS management software, which has many different user types all with varying degrees of software experience, even the best planned roll out can face some resistance. Have no fear! Dakota Software’s ProActivity Suite includes automatic Product Tours designed to help introduce new users to the products and provide guidance to the key workflows and actions.

The truth is, all software involves some degree of a learning curve. Product tours, sometimes called walkthroughs or guides, help to overcome this learning curve. They can reduce friction during the initial roll out but are also useful to help future new users get up and running. ProActivity’s product tours help users learn the general navigation patterns and introduce features that they should be taking advantage of based on their access rights and past behaviors. Most importantly, they help to ensure that clients receive value from the products sooner rather than later.

Dakota also believes that maintaining an active feedback system with our users is important to ongoing customer success. Using in-product messages, we will, from time to time, ask users for their thoughts on what’s working and what could be improved. We believe that these user engagement tools will improve the overall usage of the products and help our clients achieve their EHS compliance assurance performance goals.

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Robert Kimball

Robert Kimball

Head of Marketing

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