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New Home Screen Connects Your Favorite Views

February 20th, 2020

New Home Screen Connects Your Favorite Views

With lightning-fast speed and simplified navigation, Views have become the preferred method of managing and analyzing EHS data in Tracer and Scout. Beginning with Version 12.0, users will be able to add their favorite Views to their ProActivity Home Screen, providing one-click access to action items, incidents, observations, and other important EHS data.

A New, Faster, Home Screen

Since its introduction in 2017, ProActivity’s Home Screen has allowed Dakota users to consolidate their favorite KPIs from the different products. The new Home Screen, built using the same front-end technology as Views, allows users to move quickly between the Home Screen and their favorite Views. Once a user has favorited a View Pod, they will arrive at the Views tab when landing on the Home Screen.

While the new Home Screen now supports Views favoriting, it also retains each user's favorited Organization Dashboards and Legacy Filters Pods. Favorited Organization Pods can be accessed under the Home Screen’s Organization tab. Users with no favorite Pods will land on the Home Screen’s Getting Started page, which contains helpful information for new users.

Adding Views to your Home Screen

Adding a View Pod to your Home Screen is easy and will be familiar to users who’ve favorited Organization or Legacy Filter Pods in the past. Just go to the desired View in Tracer or Scout, click the Dashboard (‘pie chart’) button, then click the ‘star’ on the Pod that you’d like to ‘favorite’ to your Home Screen.

For example, if you select the My Action Items View in Tracer and favorite the Status Pod, when you return to your Home Screen, you will see that Pod with a pie chart of the related statuses displayed. Each Pod displays the name of the View, the Field name with corresponding chart, and the User Profile name, when applicable.

Once added to the Home Screen, users can click the “Go to Data Table” or the “Go to Dashboard” icons in the Pod header to drive directly into that View. From there, users can click into the details of related Items or use Dakota’s Parametric Filtering™ to explore the data.

What’s Next?

ProActivity Version 12 will continue to deliver on Dakota’s promise of proactive compliance assurance by making our Action Tracking and EHS data management products more accessible and intuitive. Subsequent Version 12 releases will focus on enhancing Tracer and Scout by streamlining item creation and management and improving access from external links and related items.

Additionally, to improve user adoption and overall customer success, Version 12 will soon feature User Engagement tools that deliver guided walk-throughs and contextual support. It will also introduce Dakota’s Next Generation Business Intelligence (BI) platform. Currently in Alpha Testing, the BI platform will translate EHS data collected from the ProActivity Suite into actionable indicators for measuring EHS compliance and performance and assessing operational risk.

Questions? Contact your Account Manager or email to learn more.

Robert Kimball

Robert Kimball

Head of Marketing

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