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Next Phase of Beta Filters Includes Scout Availability and Tracer Enhancements

February 14th, 2019

Next Phase of Beta Filters Includes Scout Availability and Tracer Enhancements

In November of 2018, a major enhancement was introduced to Dakota’s filtering and analysis tools that improved performance and simplified the user experience. The initial version of Beta filters allowed Tracer users to benefit from these improvements while other features were being added. Over the next few months, ProActivity updates will include Beta Filters in Scout applications and added functionality in Tracer.

What’s new?

  • Scout Beta Filters - Select Scout clients will soon notice the ‘Beta’ switch next to the Organization and Filter buttons. The enhanced performance will allow users to take full advantage of Scout’s Parametric Filtering™ for data analysis. This ability to quickly explore data and analyze trends is especially valuable in applications where numerous data points are collected, such as incident tracking or safety observations.

  • Bulk Edit - Using the Filter Tree, administrators can easily update multiple items by replacing one field value with another. For example, you could transfer responsibility for action items from a retired employee to a new user or change all the December due dates to January 10th. Beta Filters improves the visibility of this feature and utilizes the ‘People Picker’ when Bulk Editing the Responsible Person.

  • Output - Clients will now be able to Output common reports from both Tracer and Scout, including Detail View, Table View, and Excel exports. Custom client reports are being evaluated to ensure accuracy prior to making them accessible from Beta Filters. These custom reports will remain accessible in ‘classic’ filters.

What’s Next?
A new and improved Tracer Calendar is in the works. This new calendar will provide ‘at-a-glance’ insights to the source, status, and responsible person of all Action Items by month. Functionality is also being added to the Filter Dashboard Pods to allow for a more interactive data exploration experience.

Finally, a number of new dynamic filters will allow users to leverage the current date and logged in user to create ‘evergreen’ filters relevant to all users accessing the system. This new functionality will add to analytical power of Parametric Filtering for ‘Power Users’ and will simplify navigation for those not as familiar with ProActivity.

Once all current features are completed in both products, this new filtering method will become the standard. Stay tuned!

Robert Kimball

Robert Kimball

Director of Marketing and Product Strategy

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