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New Tracer Filters (Beta) provide improved performance and visibility

November 20th, 2018

New Tracer Filters (Beta) provide improved performance and visibility

ProActivity users know the power of Parametric Filtering for segmenting and analyzing their EHS data. This patented feature is being enhanced to provide greater speed and a simplified user experience. Dakota Tracer users will soon notice a 'beta' switch next to the Filters button that will allow them to take advantage of these improvements while other features are still in the works. Below is a list of what is new and what is on the way.

What’s new?

  • Organization Independence - With new filters, users no longer need to select folders in the Organization Hierarchy to load Action Items. All Action Items that the user has access to will automatically be included and can be filtered from there.

  • Better Visibility - Saved Filter names are now displayed in the navigation bar, even when the filter tree is collapsed, and regardless of what mode you are in.

  • Quicker access to Action Items details - Choosing a Saved Filter will now display the Data Table by default rather than Dashboard Pods. Users can still toggle between the two modes while refining their search or analyzing data.

  • Improved Sharing - The Saved Filters list is segmented into ‘My Filters’ and ‘Shared with Me.’

  • Simplified Editing - Along with improved ‘Choose Filter Fields’ controls, updating filter properties (name, description, and sharing) is now one click away.

What’s coming next?

In order to deliver these enhancements to users as soon as possible, some features will not be part of the initial ‘Beta’ release. These features include Calendar view, TraceCard view, Outputs, Bulk Edit, and Home Screen favoriting. They are still available in standard Tracer filters and they will be added to new Tracer filters over the next few months. Additionally, filters that are saved in new mode will be independent of filters and dashboards saved in ‘classic’ mode.

What other Filter changes can I expect?

Work has already begun to create the same filter functionality in Scout with a ‘Beta’ version planned for the first quarter of 2019. Once all current features are completed in both products, this new filtering method will become the standard filtering method.

Additionally, a number of new filter types are in the works including the ability to save filters with relative dates and specific to the logged in user. This will allow users to create, share, and view 'evergreen' filters such as ‘My Open Action Items’ and ‘Overdue Action Items.’ This new functionality will add to the analytical power of Parametric Filtering for ‘Power Users’ and will simplify navigation for those not as familiar with ProActivity. Stay tuned!

Robert Kimball

Robert Kimball

Director of Marketing and Product Strategy

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