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Understanding HAZWOPER

This 45 minute course presents information on the fundamentals of OSHA's HAZWOPER regulation, and helps employees to understand good safety and health practices regarding working with hazardous materials. A portion of the information in this program is needed to meet the 8-hour Annual Retraining requirement under OSHA's Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response standard. After completing this program, employees should:
- Understand what can make a substance hazardous.
- Know how to safely contain and clean up hazardous materials that have been accidentally released.
- Understand the importance of having a written Emergency Plan.
- Understand the role of medical surveillance in keeping workers safe.
- Know what is involved in performing a Site Characterization.
- Understand the levels of personal protective equipment defined by the HAZWOPER regulation and what equipment is in each level.

Associated Regulations
1910 Subpart H - Hazardous Materials, 1910.120 - Hazardous waste operations and emergency response.

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