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Introducing the ProActivity Home Screen - Insight into your KPI’s has never been easier

February 15th, 2017 ProActivity News

Introducing the ProActivity Home Screen - Insight into your KPI’s has never been easier

With most of us having a million things going on each day, time is a valuable commodity. There are tasks with deadlines rapidly approaching, open incidents that need to be addressed, regulatory changes to review, and various other metrics that we monitor. These metrics are important to the success and health of your organization and Dakota wants to make views into your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) easier and faster than ever.

Introducing the ProActivity Home Screen

Dakota’s 11.1 release introduces the ProActivity Home Screen. Now all users can have a consolidated view into the performance metrics that matter to them right when they login. As a default, there are six standard pods that display helpful information related to ProActivity. Once you’ve had a chance to review them you can easily ‘un-favorite’ them by clicking the star in the upper right corner.

The power of the Home Screen lies in the ability for each user to configure it themselves. It offers a direct link to the dashboard and filter elements that each individual user finds valuable from any of the ProActivity applications. Users will no longer have to navigate to Tracer and then to Scout to view their important information. Simply ‘favorite’ a pod by clicking the star icon to display that pod on the Home Screen. For example, you may want to view your overdue tasks right next to open incidents and in progress audits.

Need to rearrange your pods or see a different view? Drag and drop the pods to present the most important information first. Need to compare metrics across the organization? Click the pod title to display a full view, including the organizational hierarchy which allows you to update the data by selecting different folders in your org tree.

The end result is a personalized Home Screen that presents the information you need the most. We hope you find this new feature valuable for prioritizing your daily activities and assessing your organizations performance.

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