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Dakota Software Unveils Enhanced UX and BI Capabilities with Latest EHS Platform Release


Cleveland, OH – Dakota Software, a leading provider of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Management software, today announced a major update to ProActivity®, its industry-leading EHS management platform.

Proactivity Version 12 propels Dakota’s product portfolio into the future and sets the stage for its Next Generation Business Intelligence (BI) platform. It introduces a new front-end architecture and revamped User Interface designed to improve the overall User Experience (UX) of its cloud-based EHS management products. Version 12 moves the platform towards creating a holistic view of our customers EHS data and providing decision makers with the right data at the right time to decrease risk and improve safety performance.

With the increasing volume of EHS and operational data collected via mobile devices, connected workers, beacons, and monitored equipment, the demand for flexible Business Intelligence tools is growing. Version 12 delivers BI insights using a variety of methods, starting with a new, configurable Home Screen. The Home Screen provides at-a-glance indicators and one-click access to operational data. Leveraging Dakota’s patented Parametric Filtering™, a new, lightning-fast filtering engine allows users to intuitively explore data and analyze trends using interactive dashboards and filters.

Version 12 will also introduce a comprehensive Business Intelligence platform that translates EHS data collected from all of the ProActivity products into actionable indicators for analyzing EHS compliance, performance, and risk. This platform includes standard EHS Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) but will also allow users to build and share customized insights using “drag-and-drop” editors. It will support data imports from other sources that can be correlated with ProActivity’s data points. These BI capabilities will deliver the EHS insights that organizations need to measure business performance while taking the burden off of in-house IT resources.

“Software users expect products that are smart and fast,” said Reg Shiverick, president of Dakota Software. “Our focus with Version 12 is to improve the User Experience by making the products more responsive and intuitive. With the barriers to collecting data removed, our clients can focus on analytics and measuring their business objectives. Coupled with our integrated regulatory content, Version 12 positions Dakota uniquely to deliver both the compliance guidance and the performance insights that EHS professionals need, where and when they need it.”

To further assist with product adoption and customer success, ProActivity 12 introduces in-product walk-throughs that guide users through common workflows, highlight new features, and provide contextual support when needed. The same technology will allow Dakota’s product teams to better understand user behaviors for more effective feature prioritization and development.

About Dakota Software

Founded in 1988, Dakota Software introduced the first software product specifically designed to support EHS compliance. Their ProActivity Suite is the only software solution that includes an integrated library of curated regulatory content. This unique content integration allows users to easily determine which regulations apply to their facilities, notifies users of relevant regulatory changes, and provides guidance and clarification on complex subject matter.

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