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Dakota EHS Mobile App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch


Dakota Software’s new EHS Mobile App currently supported on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch provides a searchable, plain-language digest of federal Environmental, Health and Safety regulations. Corporate managers/directors concerned with compliance, can search by keyword or use the topical citation list to quickly find the requirements that apply to a situation, review the regulatory digest and link to full-text regulations as needed. The Dakota EHS App provides users with a hierarchical organization of regulatory topics, lists of applicable citations for any level of the hierarchy and text searches with highlighted results. Dakota EHS covers all major areas of EHS compliance including: - EPA requirements for Air, Water, Solid & Hazardous Waste, Tanks, Spills, EPCRA, and TSCA - OSHA worker safety and industrial hygiene rules - DOT regulations for HazMat transport. With the new EHS App, Dakota customers can retrieve information from their enterprise servers to access their ProActivity suite of products to get all needed information while in the field. Dakota has been providing EHS regulatory compliance management software to industry and government since 1988. Call 216-765-7100 for information.

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