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Dakota Software Drives Transparency for Greenest Large Companies in America


Dakota Software, a leading provider of sustainability and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) auditing and compliance solutions, is a solution of choice for many of the greenest large companies in the U.S. Nearly twenty-five percent of Dakota’s clients are among the green leaders listed in the inaugural "NEWSWEEK Green Rankings" report, a ranking of the top 500 largest U.S. companies based on environmental performance, policies and reputation. Published on September 28, 2009, this comprehensive list recognizes organizations that embrace the compelling economic case for going green, and are working to cut emissions in advance of forthcoming sustainability and reporting regulations. "Dakota Software is proud of its role enabling detailed sustainability tracking and reporting across multiple industries," stated Reg Shiverick, President of Dakota Software, "Customers rely on our technical and industry expertise to strengthen their reputations with concise, accurate metrics that clearly demonstrate their EHS performance and success in reducing carbon emissions. We fully expect this number to grow in next year’s Green Rankings report as more companies aspire to be included on the list and adopt our leading technology to do so." The report acknowledges that there is no uniform standard among companies that report green data, making it difficult to compare numbers. Dakota Software addresses this issue by collaborating with leading green companies to develop industry-specific standards. These are then blended with flexible custom dashboard reporting so that green companies can improve public transparency and disclosure while benefiting from proprietary analyses of company-specific sustainability initiatives. Concludes Shiverick, "We congratulate all the companies who are listed in this influential report and applaud NEWSWEEK for raising awareness of their success. At Dakota Software, we are committed to actively employing new technologies that facilitate and standardize sustainability tracking and reporting. Our mutual success benefits society as well as profits, and makes sustainability a win-win endeavor for everyone."

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