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Compliance is the Foundation of Sustainability

Dakota Software's ProActivity™ suite empowers companies to plan and execute EHS compliance procedures and make measurable improvements to their carbon management, energy, and other sustainability programs...

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As environmental awareness reaches an unprecedented level, industrial companies are moving toward sustainable development with the tools offered by Dakota Software. Sustainable development necessitates that EHS compliance programs provide visibility into day-to-day operations down to the site level.

Proactive Compliance Assurance Provides Confidence

Dakota Software’s proactive compliance assurance approach ensures that enterprises are identifying all applicable requirements and provides confidence in compliance programs by distributing responsibility throughout the organization. Environmental performance is greatly improved by the ability to discover and correct gaps in compliance and emerging situations before they become problematic. Proactive compliance effectively ensures:

  • Compliance accountability is pushed to the point of control - the site
  • Each site focuses on the specific regulations and permits based on their unique circumstances
  • Corporate objectives and expectations are disseminated throughout the enterprise.

Armed with a consolidated view of environmental performance, executives build confidence in the effectiveness of their sustainable development initiatives.

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Why spreadsheets do not work

  • Inordinate amount of time spent on data management
  • Nonexistent audit trails
  • Lack of real time data views across the enterprise
  • Difficulty in generating custom reports
  • Inability to provide users with varying security levels