Sustain success by monitoring and reporting on energy, GHG, and other sustainability programs


Dakota Metrics is an enterprise-level solution for monitoring and analyzing carbon management, EHS and company-specific sustainability initiatives. With its comprehensive data collection engine and flexible dashboard reporting, Metrics ensures ongoing compliance by tracking a broad spectrum of priorities, progress and outstanding activities. As part of the Dakota ProActivity suite, Metrics makes it easy to manage your sustainability and EHS programs on a single integrated platform. Detailed audit trails further insure the integrity of your data for accurate regulatory and Corporate Social Responsibility reporting.

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Metrics allows EHS professionals to easily:

  • Collect and analyze data using "smart forms" to track your progress meeting environmental sustainability targets relative to carbon and greenhouse gases (GHG), chemicals and other pollutants
  • Evaluate the success of programs designed to reduce and recycle waste, utilize renewable energies and resources, and embrace more sustainable manufacturing practices
  • Generate sustainability and CSR reports documenting your commitment to being an environmentally responsible business
  • Monitor activities throughout the enterprise to ensure optimal EHS compliance and alignment to corporate initiatives
  • Create customized dashboard reporting to view appropriate information based on user security level

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