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Dakota's Compliance Services professionals can assist with projects ranging from federal regulatory interpretation to determining the applicability of local requirements and permits. If anonymity is desired, we can also act as a third party interface between the customer and the regulatory agencies. Most importantly, we enable customers and non-customers alike to leverage our deep EHS knowledge base to quickly and efficiently establish EHS compliance solutions across their organization.

Audit Services
Whether you conduct internal audits, use a third party, or use a combination of both, establishing environmental and safety audit protocols is critical to monitoring EHS compliance. Using Dakota Auditor, the Compliance Services team creates custom EHS auditing protocols for verifying compliance status and managing corrective actions procedures, both globally and site-specific. We can also arm your teams by conducting Root Cause Analysis and Audit Scoring, helping to establish a baseline for comparisons throughout your organization.

Compliance Calendar Creation 
The Compliance Services team can help you develop detailed compliance profiles and tasks, based on all applicable regulatory citations, that enable your organization to proactively manage compliance at the points of control. By analyzing local permits and building them into Dakota's task database, accountability for all environmental and safety compliance procedures can be easily monitored and managed.

Risk Assessment
The best time to perform an initial EHS risk analysis is just prior to starting a project. To adequately analyze risk, you need a detailed plan. Dakota's Compliance Services team is well-versed at analyzing EHS risk and occupational hazards. Using Six Sigma methodology, we calculate task-specific risk scores on an impact vs. probability scale, and create tools for monitoring these tasks.

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