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Safety Orientation

Available in Spanish

This 30 minute course presents fundamental information on working safely in different environments. Upon completing the course, employees should:
- Understand how thinking "safety first" can help to prevent accidents, injuries and illnesses on the job.
- Be able to recognize common workplace hazards.
- Know safe work practices and equipment you can use to avoid these hazards.
- Know how you should prepare ahead of time for workplace emergencies.

Associated Regulations
1910 Subpart E - Exit Routes and Emergency Planning; 1910 Subpart F- Powered Platforms, Manlifts, and Vehicle-Mounted Work Platforms; 1910 Subpart G- Occupational Health and Environmental Control; 1910 Subpart H- Hazardous Materials; 1910 Subpart I-Personal Protective Equipment; 1910 Subpart J- General Environmental Controls; 1910 Subpart K-Medical Services and First Aid; 1910 Subpart L- Fire Protection; 1910 Subpart N-Materials Handling and Storage; 1910 Subpart O-Machinery and Machine Guarding; 1910 Subpart Q- Welding, Cutting and Brazing; 1910 Subpart S-Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices

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