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Industrial Fire Prevention

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This 30 minute course presents fundamental information on industrial fire prevention. Upon completing the course, employees should:
- Understand how fires burn and how they can be extinguished.
- Recognize common fire hazards in industrial environments.
- Know safe practices that can help to prevent workplace fires.
- Know what to do if a fire occurs in their workplace.

Associated Regulations
1910 Subpart E - Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, and Fire Prevention Plans, 1910.38 - Emergency action plans, 1910.39 - Fire prevention plans.; 1910 Subpart H - Hazardous Materials, 1910 Subpart H - Hazardous Materials, 1910.106 - Flammable and combustible liquids.; 1910 Subpart H - Hazardous Materials, 1910.119 - Process safety management of highly hazardous chemicals.; 1910 Subpart L - Fire Protection, 1910.155 - Scope, application and definitions applicable to this subpart.; 1910.156 - Fire brigades.; 1910.157 - Portable fire extinguishers.; 1910.159 - Automatic sprinkler systems.; 1910.160 - Fixed extinguishing systems, general.; 1910.161 - Fixed extinguishing systems, dry chemical.; 1910.162 - Fixed extinguishing systems, gaseous agent.; 1910.163 - Fixed extinguishing systems, water spray and foam.; 1910.164 - Fire detection systems.; 1910-165 - Employee alarm systems.; 1910 Subpart L App A - Fire Protection.

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