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Verdantix Report: Overcoming Compliance Drift with the Three Pillars of EHS Management

The first task of any EHS leader is to ensure the firm is in compliance with relevant regulations at all times. According to the Verdantix survey of 301 EHS decision-makers, 94% stated that the CEO considers the core function of EHS is to achieve compliance. This report identifies the challenges with establishing and maintaining compliance at complex organizations and covers the following topics:

  • Constant Changes To Business Operations Result In Compliance Drift
  • Deploying Software Is Insufficient As A Remedy For EHS Compliance Failings
  • Overcome Compliance Drift With Three Pillars Of Software, Regulatory Content And Expertise
  • Constant Vigilance Is Required By EHS Teams And Dakota Software Experts To Maintain Compliance

The report also provides insights into the effective three pillar approach that Dakota Software has taken to resolve the problems faced by EHS managers at all levels.

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