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Ready, Set, Implement - How to Successfully Deploy an EHS&S Software System

Evaluating EHS&S Software systems just got a lot easier. This new report by NAEM distills observations, recommendations, and “lessons learned” from in-depth interviews with EHS&S professionals and implementation partners, who have decades of experience deploying software systems on a global scale, into six steps.

These steps will help you start —and stay—on the right track as you introduce an EHS&S application that can deliver tangible benefits to your organization.

This report will help you answer the following questions:

  • Should we hire an implementation partner?
  • How do we set key priorities?
  • What is the best strategy to avoid ‘over design’?
  • When should we test the new system and introduce it to users?
  • How do I sell the value of the new system?

As a sponsor of the report, Dakota Software is pleased to provide this complimentary copy.
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