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Improving Safety by Creating a Culture of Learning

Humans are constantly managing risk, real time, during their work days. To mitigate risk, safety managers should focus less on what could go wrong and more on making sure things go right. They can do this by making sure those who manage the work have the time and tools they need to do the job safely.

In this webinar you hear from Frank Dunlap from Fuchs Lubricants and Cody Burk from Dakota Software as they outline winning strategies for engaging employees and putting tools in the hands of those at the "sharp end" of safety. It will outline strategies for:

  • Building a safety feedback loop
  • Training inside safety teams
  • Conducting Human Error RCAs
  • Identifying and prioritizing safety risk
  • Utilizing software to capture and analyze safety data

It also includes a demonstration of Dakota Software's Incident and Corrective Action tracking products.

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