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EHS Auditing During and After the Pandemic

EHS Auditing continues to be a proactive and visible demonstration that an organization values identifying and addressing internal compliance issues, facility risks, and challenges posed by supplier relationships. Such a demonstration is even more critical during periods of reduced resources, communication obstacles, and increased responsibilities borne by EHS professionals – as we have witnessed during the pandemic crisis.

This webinar, led by experts from Trinity Consultants and Dakota Software, identifies 10 best practices for maintaining an effective EHS audit program during and after the pandemic. It presumes that leading internal audit programs will include processes for remote and hybrid audits, along with traditional in-person assessments, and offers recommendations across a spectrum of auditing activities including:

  • Auditing planning
  • Audit team selection
  • Use of tools and technology
  • Ensuring confidentiality
  • Clarity and efficiency in audit findings
  • Tracking and managing nonconformances

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