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The IIoT and EHS: What It Means for Manufacturing

Among all of the much vaunted and repeated buzz words in recent years, two terms have taken hold when it comes to the future of operational excellence: the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data. Industrial companies are only beginning to understand the impacts of — and opportunities within — IIoT and Big Data from an Environment, HealthandSafety (EHS) perspective.

This Research Spotlight from LNS Research explores the landscape and potential of the IIoT vis-à-vis EHS, including:

  • Existing and emerging opportunities with respect to IIoT and Big Data in EHS
  • Challenges with respect to managing EHS with new IIoT opportunities and tools at hand
  • How IIoT is impacting business in terms of EHS today
  • Actionable recommendations for future success

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