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Behavior-Based Safety: Put Your Observational Data to Work

While Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) has proven an effective method for reducing workplace incidents, Safety Professionals often find managing observational data challenging, especially across multi-site operations. You can make sustainable improvements to your safety program by combining BBS practices with an effective management system.

You will hear from Don Pierce, Corporate Safety Manager for Dot Foods, Inc., as he describes how they achieved remarkable results with their safety program and leveraged technology to:

  • Implement observational guidelines and procedures across multiple sites
  • Automate Near Miss action tracking to ensure accountability and accurate reporting
  • Include results in safety audits to create a sustainable culture of safety

Dot Foods is a privately-owned food redistributor employing 3,800 people at eight distribution centers across the US. Dot's customer base consists of nearly 4,000 distributors nationwide.

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