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At Dakota, we pride ourselves on being part of the solution and we're thrilled to hear from clients when we've helped them accomplish their goals. Here is what some of them are saying.


KERAMIDA is a global sustainability, environmental, health & safety, and remediation consulting and engineering firm. With offices in Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, NYC, and California, our highly experienced team of engineers, scientists, and planners are able to provide comprehensive services to industries, cities, and governments worldwide.

Mississippi Lime

Mississippi Lime was able to shift their workplace culture from reactive to proactive using Dakota’s Scout platform to streamline their incident reporting programs.

Bay Valley Foods

Bay Valley Foods replaces their paper-based compliance calendar with Dakota Software's automated EHS compliance tools.

Cornerstone Chemicals

“Being able to visualize all of our tasks in one place is really important. The calendar also gives us a great overview of what compliance items have recently been completed and what is coming due.”


“In each of our internal EHS baseline audits using Dakota, we identified at least one specific regulation that neither the audit team nor the facility staff had previously recognized as applicable.”


McWane uses Dakota’s ProActivity Suite to ensure consistent audits and corrective action tracking across multiple manufacturing sites, both national and international.

Southern Company

Southern Company uses Dakota Software's EHS tools to bring clarity and consistency to their internal EHS audits.

RPM International Inc.

RPM uses Dakota's ProActivity Suite to standardize audits, managing compliance, and improve safety performance.

Veolia Environmental Services

Dakota's proactive compliance solutions have helped Veolia remain committed to its corporate sustainability policy of "People, Planet and Performance."

Vermeer Manufacturing

Our corporate team recently conducted a three day audit at our facility in China. Dakota's mobile auditing platform allowed us to take the audit offline and complete it without relying on an internet connection. We couldn't have completed the audit without it.

Western Sugar Cooperative

“Without Dakota, it would be difficult to ensure all of our bases are covered. We went from having an archaic, static, and incomplete compilation of information to an easy to use, dynamic, standardized system that allows for full visibility of all sites at all times.”

Ciner Resources

"Having all our requirements in one location is wonderful and has been such a time saver."

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