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Vertellus Uses ProActivity to Drive Compliance

Corporate Merger Provides Opportunity for EHS Improvements

Vertellus Uses ProActivity to Drive Compliance

In 2006, two manufacturing giants merged to become Vertellus. As with most mergers, the residual cultures lead to inefficiencies in prioritization and tracking. As a provider of specialty chemicals for the agriculture and pharmaceutical industries, the added pressure of EHS accountability made correcting these inefficiencies paramount.

After an extensive search for an EHS management system Vertellus chose ProActivity, citing its multi-level tracking capabilities and versatile reporting features as the key reasons. Working with Dakota, ProActivity was configured for their specific regulatory management system, Responsible Care and incident investigation requirements. The initial audit conducted in late 2009 uncovered only 76% compliance. In August of 2011, their Corporate Safety Council reported 99.6% compliance.

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