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McWane Consolidates Compliance Management

ProActivity Allows for Corporate Guidance and Site Control

McWane Consolidates Compliance Management

McWane in an industry leader in the production of cast iron pipe and fittings used for water and waste treatment systems. The multi-national corporation has more than 7,000 employees at over thirty operations in four countries spread across three continents.

During the last decade, EHS compliance programs were the responsibility of local plant management, based on the philosophy that they were better suited to evaluate, understand and address the unique issues confronting their facilities. However, over time, it became apparent that more standardization and supervision was necessary to ensure company-wide compliance with all the complex EHS issues associated with its heavy industrial processes.

McWane looked to Dakota Software to help make the company an industry leader in environmental and safety performance by enabling a consistent, verifiable approach to compliance management throughout the organization. Performance objectives were set high: 100% compliance, 100% of the time and they commanded attention throughout the company, from the executive office to the plant floor.

“Dakota not only helps us close corrective actions, it helps us track them and make sure they are closed out.”

Using ProActivity, McWane conducts consistent audits and tracks findings throughout the organization. They now have visibility up and down the ladder and confidence in a very high level of closed findings. Another major benefit is the credibility they have gained with regulators.

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