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Infineon Consolidates KPIs with ProActivity

Infineon Consolidates KPIs with ProActivity

Infineon, a top maker of power management semiconductors, wanted a versatile tool that provided regulatory information at their fingertips and helped to ensure ongoing compliance, visibility, and accountability throughout the organization. They also wanted the ability to analyze incidents, accidents, and near miss data to reveal gaps in compliance and emerging problems.

As a member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), Infineon also needed to monitor and report performance results regarding energy and water conservation and waste management. Within six months, Infineon was able to consolidate and normalize their compliance related KPIs and documentation throughout the organization.

The Exceptions Management SmartForm is a cornerstone of their compliance and safety program and is used to close the loop on corrective actions and analyze global trends. The consolidated energy, water, and waste data allows them one-click insights into organizational goals and are used for their CDP and EICC Reporting.

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