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Holland America Tracks Compliance At Sea

Holland America Tracks Compliance At Sea

Consider the complexity of EHS requirements when each nation and port applies its own regulations, you’re subject to international maritime law while between ports, and each ship is responsible for the requirements of the country whose flag it flies.

When Holland America came to Dakota with these challenges, each of their 14 ships was responsible for managing their own compliance using home grown solutions for tracking, and reporting to their home office, where the information was manually added to a master database. The fact that staff officers were frequently rotated in a work/leave system added to the inconsistencies.

Recognizing the need for change, Holland America made the switch to Dakota’s web-based solutions for managing compliance activity. This allowed for real-time analysis of data from any location, shipboard or onshore and maintained a running history that let newly installed officers know what actions were required. Holland America uses Tracer as part of their Safety Management System, a company self-improvement program.

Tracer tracks the regulatory compliance items that are generated from the various inspections/audits, such as Coast Guard inspections, so they can easily identify where emphasis should be placed in changing operational environments. In short, Dakota was able to offer them assurance that their reputation for maintaining safety and complying with regulations would not be compromised, regardless of their location on the globe.

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