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Cornerstone Improves Compliance Tracking in High-Risk Environment

Cornerstone Improves Compliance Tracking in High-Risk Environment

With seven operating units on 800 acres, Cornerstone's Energy Park produces 2.5 billion pounds of acrylonitrile, melamine, sulfuric acid and urea annually. Located 15 miles up river from downtown New Orleans, the company has seven operating units, each with their own Title V Air Permits, and more than 500 employees.

In such a high-risk environment, effectively managing compliance activities and incidents is critical to safeguarding operations. Cornerstone began a search for a software solution that would help them stay on top of EHS regulatory changes, manage compliance tasks, track and trend incidents, and simplify their month end Process Safety Management (PSM) reporting. In March of 2011 Cornerstone began using Dakota Profiler to identify and track their compliance obligations. Using Profiler and Tracer, they created compliance calendars for all seven of their operating units.

Katy Murray started with Cornerstone as an intern in January of 2017. On day one she began working with Dakota’s ProActivity Suite for compliance planning and tracking as a core part of her responsibilities. By utilizing profile templates and incorporating their permit requirements, she helped Cornerstone take full advantage of the software platform and was promoted to Environmental coordinator within a year.

“Being able to visualize all of our tasks in one place is really important. The calendar also gives us a great overview of what compliance items have recently been completed and what is coming due.”

She now holds the position of Responsible Care and Process Compliance Coordinator (RCCPCC) and has spearheaded a number of initiatives including the implementation of Dakota’s products for incident management, including security and process safety incidents, root cause, near misses, and waste tracking.

Katy says ProActivity has been vital to their EHS compliance program and operational processes and has greatly simplified reporting of KPIs related to incidents and completion of compliance tasks.

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