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August 11th, 2023 by Robert Kimball


Driving EHS Compliance and Continuous Improvement with the PDCA Methodology

Plan-Do-Check-Act is a problem-solving methodology used for continuous improvement and operational efficiency. For EHS leaders, the PDCA cycle is central to management systems, compliance assurance, and a strong safety culture.

This 60-minute video, assembled from a 4-part webinar series, will equip EHS leaders with the knowledge they need to create a safer, more compliant workplace. It covers:

  • Plan | Understanding requirements and scheduling EHS activities
    In the Plan stage, EHS leaders set goals and objectives, identify applicable regulatory requirements, and schedule compliance activities.
  • Do | Executing the EHS plan and tracking action items
    Here, EHS teams will carry out their compliance plans, track Corrective and Preventative Actions, capture injury and incident data, and submit internal and external reports.
  • Check | Verifying EHS processes and learning from results
    In this stage, EHS leaders track regulatory changes, conduct audits and inspections, and measure results related to their EHS plans.
  • Act | Taking decisive actions based on EHS learnings
    Last, EHS teams will conduct corrective actions, Root Cause investigations, and analyze their qualitative and quantatative EHS data to inform how they will adjust their plans.

The webinar also includes an overview of Dakota’s ProActivity Suite for managing PDCA process, including measuring “Regulatory Preparedness,” a key leading indicator of EHS success, creating visibility and accountability with centralized compliance plans, conducting Root Cause Analysis, audits and inspections, and measuring results with holistic Business Intelligence tools.

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Robert Kimball

Robert Kimball

Director of Marketing

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