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Proposed Revisions and Confidentiality Determinations for Data Elements under the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule

June 22nd, 2022 by Ann Rippe

Proposed Rule Change
Summary: EPA is proposing to amend specific provisions in the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule to improve the quality and consistency of the data collected under the rule, streamline and improve implementation, and clarify or propose minor updates to certain provisions that have been the subject of questions from reporting entities. These proposed changes include revisions to improve the existing calculation, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements by incorporating updates to existing emissions estimation methodologies and providing for collection of additional data to understand new source categories or new emission sources for specific sectors. EPA is also proposing revisions that would improve implementation of the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule such as updates to applicability estimation methodologies, providing flexibility for or simplifying calculation and monitoring methodologies, streamlining recordkeeping and reporting, and other minor technical corrections or clarifications. Additionally, the proposed rule establishes and amends confidentiality determinations for the reporting of certain data elements to be added or substantially revised.
[Full Text - 87 FR 36920]

Citations: 40 CFR 98

Ann Rippe

Ann Rippe

Manager of Regulatory Services

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