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Online Training Courses help improve EHS compliance and safety performance

August 11th, 2021

Online Training Courses help improve EHS compliance and safety performance

Did you know there are more than 100 OSHA standards that contain employee training requirements? Add to that EPA, DOT, and other agencies, and it’s no wonder EHS-related training management can seem daunting, especially if you oversee multiple facilities with different processes and equipment. Products like Dakota Profiler can help you identify what training is required at your sites, but what about delivering the actual training content?

To help our clients address this challenge, Dakota has partnered with a leading producer of online safety and compliance training courses. Through this partnership, Dakota clients now have access to a library of more than 170 online courses covering the topics of General Safety, Regulatory Compliance, Hazardous Materials and Waste, Human Resources, Laboratory Safety, and Construction Safety. These Full Length, interactive courses can be delivered to employees wherever they are, ensuring consistency and keeping them engaged in the learning process.

Innovative course formats

In addition to standard Video On Demand (VOD) format, courses are available in an Adaptive-learning format, which uses pre-course quizzes to test each learner's knowledge then adapts the course content to present only the information required to fill the knowledge gaps, and a Micro-learning format, which delivers concise, mobile-friendly training at the time it is most useful. These innovative formats can help reduce overall training time and improve knowledge retention. Most importantly, by addressing many of the challenges of Adult Learning, they can help improve safety performance and prevent workplace injuries.

Your LMS or ours?

These SCORM compliant courses work with any modern Learning Management system (LMS). Don’t have an LMS? Dakota’s CourseWorks LMS can help you plan and coordinate all of your organization's in-person and eLearning sessions through one centralized system. It features two distinct interfaces, one for administrators and another for learners, and uses alerts and notifications to keep learners informed of due dates and other important training activities.

If you have your own training materials and training content, you can also add courses and build your own custom training library.

Questions? Watch this webinar or contact us at to learn more.

Robert Kimball

Robert Kimball

Head of Marketing

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