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EPA Proposes 2022 Stormwater Construction General Permit

May 12th, 2021 by Ann Rippe

Notice of Proposed Permit
Summary: EPA is proposing the 2022 Construction General Permit (CGP) for stormwater discharges from construction activities. Once finalized, the proposed permit will replace EPA's 2017 CGP that will expire on February 16, 2022. The proposed revisions would improve the clarity of the permit in the areas of approved stormwater control and stormwater pollution prevention plan products; differentiation between routine maintenance and corrective action; application of perimeter control and natural buffer requirements; permit flexibilities for arid and semi-arid areas; inspections during snowmelt conditions; availability of stormwater pollution prevention plans, inspection reports, and corrective action logs in electronic form; and the process for Endangered Species Act eligibility determinations. The proposed permit would also make modifications to add specificity to the permit requirements for perimeter control installation and maintenance; pollution prevention for chemicals used and stored on site; dewatering discharge; training for personnel conducting site inspections; documenting signs of sedimentation attributable to construction site discharges; photo documentation of adequate site stabilization; and Notices of Intent. [Full Text - 86 FR 26023]

Citations: 82 FR 6534, 2017 Construction General Permit

Ann Rippe

Ann Rippe

Manager of Regulatory Services

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