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New Alerts Improve Visibility and Access to Important EHS Information

October 29th, 2020

New Alerts Improve Visibility and Access to Important EHS Information

If you’re like most people, your email inbox plays an important role in your workday. For Dakota Software users who manage and respond to EHS events and activities, email alerts keep them informed of important due dates, notify them of recent incidents, and help them collaborate with their teams and coworkers.

Beginning with Version 12.2, Dakota Tracer and Scout single-item alerts now link directly to the item details in the Views workspace. Built with a new front-end architecture and User Interface, this workspace is lightning-fast and easy to use. This is important for the “occasional” user who just needs to close out an Action Item or add a Journal Entry from time to time.

What’s changing?

All single-Item alerts for watches, notifications, and reminders now take recipients to the details of Scout and Tracer Items in the Views workspace. For those with multiple User Profiles, the system automatically selects the best profile based on the users Security Rights and the Location and Form Group of the related item. This reduces the likelihood of error caused by the selection of an incompatible User Profile. These changes are automatic, so users need not change their behaviors or update any alert settings.

What is staying the same?

Multi-item alerts, such those triggered by Organization Folder movement, Action Group changes, Importing of Items, and “Send Immediately” notifications from the Data Table will continue to direct users to the Organization Data Table with the related items displayed. From there, users can display the items by location by clicking “Click here to locate items in the Hierarchy.”

What else is new?

Dakota Regulatory Alert emails help to keep EHS compliance managers and site leaders informed of relevant regulatory changes that occur between Dakota's monthly Regulatory Database updates. To help ensure users get timely updates, newly scheduled Regulatory Watches will be set to Daily. Existing alerts will not be affected. Profiler users can set a Regulatory Watch by right-clicking on any profile or folder.

Additionally, following the introduction of in-product Welcome Guides, a new Resource Center is now available on the ProActivity Home Screen. Accessible under the green badge in the lower right corner, the Resource Center notifies users of product updates, helps them quickly find answers to common questions, and connects them to Dakota’s User Community and Support Resources.

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Robert Kimball

Robert Kimball

Head of Marketing

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