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EPA Amends Continuous Emission Monitoring Quality-Assurance Requirements During the COVID-19 National Emergency

April 22nd, 2020 by Ann Rippe

Action Forcing Change
Summary: EPA is amending the Continuous Emission Monitoring requirements in 40 CFR 75 to provide flexibility during the COVID-19 national emergency. If an affected unit fails to complete a required quality-assurance, certification or recertification, fuel analysis, or emission rate test by the applicable deadline because of travel, plant access, or other safety restrictions implemented to address the COVID-19 national emergency, and if the unit's actual monitored data would be considered valid if not for the delayed test, the final rule will allow the unit to temporarily continue to report actual monitored data instead of substitute data if certain criteria are met. Units will be required to maintain documentation; notify EPA when a test is delayed and later completed; certify to EPA that they meet the criteria for using the amended reporting procedures; and complete any delayed tests as soon as practicable after relevant emergency-related restrictions no longer apply. The emergency period during which these amended reporting procedures are allowed is limited to the duration of the COVID-19 national emergency plus a grace period of 60 days to complete delayed tests. The amendments do not suspend emissions monitoring or reporting requirements or alter any emissions standards.
[Full Text - 85 FR 22362]

Citations: 40 CFR 75; 40 CFR 75, Appendix B; 40 CFR 75, Appendix D; 40 CFR 75, Appendix E; 40 CFR 75.19; 40 CFR 75.20

Ann Rippe

Ann Rippe

Manager of Regulatory Services

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