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Introducing Default Saved Filters and Dynamic Filters

July 25th, 2019

Introducing Default Saved Filters and Dynamic Filters

Dakota is in the midst of redesigining the Tracer and Scout workspace with an eye toward simplifying navigation and improving the User Experience. The latest release of ProActivity, which introduces Default Saved Filters, is the next major step on that journey.

For those who aren't familiar, a Saved Filter is a grouping of items based on a defined set of criteria. In Scout and Tracer, Saved Filters are useful for viewing groups of items in the table and for visualizing the data within those items. Default Saved Filters, such as “My Open Action Items” in Tracer and “Recently Created items” in Scout, will make getting to items of interest easier than ever.

In the beta workspace, users simply need to choose the desired Saved Filter from the dropdown list to view the items in the table. The items can then be sorted, opened and edited, and have alerts added to them individually or in bulk. Users with appropriate security rights can also Bulk Edit and Archive groups of items. Each Default Saved Filter also includes filter criteria that supports and encourages data exploration using Dakota's patented Parametric Filtering™.

Many of the Default Saved Filters are made possible using new dynamic filter types. The Relative Date filter allows users to define ranges of dates that dynamically update based on the current date. In Tracer, the Logged In User filter presents a list of Action Items to the current user where they are the Responsible Person. These dynamic filter types make it easier to create and share Saved Filters that are relevant across your organization.

What’s next? In the next release, the beta workspace will become the default and legacy filters will begin to be deprecated. Soon after, a newly designed Tracer and Scout workspace will be introduced that will be more intuitive to new users while still feeling familiar to experienced users. To be prepared, all users should start using the new workspace now.

Robert Kimball

Robert Kimball

Director of Marketing and Product Strategy

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