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Preparing for the New Tracer and Scout Workspace

June 6th, 2019

Preparing for the New Tracer and Scout Workspace

Over the past several months, Dakota has been hard at work on a major enhancement to Dakota Tracer and Scout. Designed to replace the current filtering system, “Beta Filters” allow users to quickly and easily access and edit items of interest. Additionally, it’s lightning fast speed allows users to take full advantage of Dakota’s Parametric Filtering™ for data exploration and analysis.

Don’t fear the orange button! The latest release of Beta Filters, which includes a new Tracer Calendar, Bulk Edit (requires Administrator rights), and improved table and dashboard controls, now matches all of the key features of ‘legacy' filters. A new workspace, powered by the speed and reliability of the new filters, will soon become the default and ‘legacy’ filters will begin to be deprecated.

Why should you start using the new filters now?

  • They're faster! New filters provide quick access to records but also make data exploration and Bulk Editing of items more efficient, saving you valuable time each day.
  • ‘Legacy’ filters are being phased out. The ‘Beta’ workspace will soon become the primary workspace while support for ‘legacy’ filters will be reduced and eventually removed.
  • Valuable new features are right around the corner. A number of new filter types will allow users to create ‘evergreen’ Saved Filters that dynamically adjust to the individual user and current date. These features will make Tracer and Scout more intuitive for all users, especially those with little or no experience with ProActivity.

What about my existing Saved Filters?
Your 'legacy' Saved Filters will not automatically transfer to the new workspace. We encourage users to start recreating their Saved Filters in Beta Filters now. All Beta Filters will be available when the new workspace arrives.

What’s next? Dakota will soon introduce ‘Views’ and the new Tracer and Scout workspace. The new workspace will change the way users navigate within these products. Instead of drilling into nested sub-folders, users will choose from a list of predefined Views to get the information they need. It will be more intuitive to casual users while still feeling familiar to experienced Power Users. To be better prepared to take full advantage of this new workspace, all users should start to use the new filters now.

Robert Kimball

Robert Kimball

Director of Marketing and Product Strategy

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