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Donald Trump nominates Mugno as OSHA head

November 13th, 2017 by Dakota Software Staff

Donald Trump nominates Mugno as OSHA head

President Donald Trump recently announced his nomination of Scott A. Mugno as assistant secretary of labor for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

According to a White House press release, Mugno currently serves as the vice president for safety, sustainability, and vehicle maintenance at FedEx Ground in Pittsburgh. Prior to that, he spent 11 years as the managing director for FedEx Express corporate safety, health and fire protection in Memphis, Tennessee.

In both positions, Mugno was responsible for developing, promoting and implementing health and safety programs and culture.

Mugno receives praise for nomination but still needs official confirmation

Safety & Health magazine reported Mugno would replace OSHA's acting assistant secretary of labor Loren Sweatt, who was granted the position on July 24 by President Trump as his first appointee within the organization. Sweat normally serves as OSHA's deputy assistant secretary of labor.

Mugno's nomination received praise from many involved in overseeing employee health and safety.

"Scott has always shown a commitment not only to safety,but to using good data and input to determine how best to improve safety," said Rebecca Brewster, president of the American Transportation Research Institute, in a press release from the organization. "He has repeatedly demonstrated this commitment through his involvement with ATRI and it is a trait that I know will make him a strong and fair regulator."

Mugno is expected to appear before the Senate Health, Education,Laborand Pensions Committee, but a hearing date has not yet been scheduled.

However, his nomination drew some concern, as Mugno has previously expressed hopes that OSHA would lose some regulatory power.

In a 2006 meeting held at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Business Insurance reported Mugnosaid "We've got to free OSHA from its own statutory and regulatory handcuffs."

"It is critical that OSHA remains committed to enforcing health and safety standards," said Senator Patty Murray, ranking member of the HELP Committee. "Mr. Mugno has spent his career working for big business, so I look forward to hearing how he plans up to stand up for workers and continue OSHA's active role in deterring corporations from endangering workers' health and safety."

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