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Emphasizing corporate and environmental responsibility resonates with customers, encourages growth

May 12th, 2016 by Dakota Software Staff Industry News

Emphasizing corporate and environmental responsibility resonates with customers, encourages growth

Companies focused on corporate sustainability and reducing environmental impact can see their fortunes rise when customers are informed of such efforts and believe in them. The positive business development and growth that come from such efforts are a major boon to businesses as long as customers recognize them, the processes involved are transparent and the actions taken are substantial in their eyes. One example of company experiencing strong positive development due to and leading its industry in such efforts is New Belgium Brewing, a top company in terms of both sustainability and craft brewing.

An emphasis on sustainability issues
New Belgium Brewing takes a comprehensive approach to corporate sustainability, and that message has resonated with consumers. The brewer has also emphasized developments that boost its own operational efficiency and reduce reliance on harmful processes and expensive materials. GreenBiz highlighted many of the initiatives undertaken by New Belgium. These range from using specialized kettles in the brewing process that lower energy consumption by reducing boil time - and using the waste heat generated in another part of the brewing process - to improving the efficiency of its beer bottles and delivery vehicles. Other major changes include the use of smart meters to reduce energy demands on the local grid at peak times and an internal electricity tax on kilowatt-hours used.

This overarching focus on sustainability has helped New Belgium Brewing grow as a business and bolster its positive image in the eyes of stakeholders, including both employees and customers. The brewery has found a way to balance process changes and reductions in energy use with high product quality standards. It also contributes to programs that directly impact consumers, such as environmental education efforts and donations to nonprofits that promote the use of bicycles and other elements of ecologically friendly living.

When businesses make a commitment to sustainable initiatives, it's critical that they effectively monitor and track performance. Sustainability software provides a deeper, fuller perspective of such efforts and their progress, providing concrete numbers related to implementation and development. Just as importantly, this software makes reporting on these initiatives a more manageable and standardized experience as well. Developing sustainability initiatives and connecting with customers requires a software system that provides reliable reporting and insight into such activities and proves the value of those efforts.

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