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National Electrical Safety Month draws attention to workplace hazards

April 20th, 2016 by Dakota Software Staff Industry News

National Electrical Safety Month draws attention to workplace hazards

General vigilance is an important and enduring concept of EHS management. Maintaining a high level of awareness no matter the hazard or problem helps keep employees safe and facilities operational. That said, a specific focus on a particular area or type of potential danger can encourage more thorough inspections and training. Highlighting serious concerns such as electrical safety help emphasize the real dangers posed by powered system and reinforce best practices among employees.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International will lead awareness efforts in May as part of National Electrical Safety Month, an awareness event that covers both personal lives and time spent on the job. EHS Today reported the initiative will focus on important workplace health and safety measures like the lockout and tagout process.

The unique danger of workplace electrical accidents
EHS Today drew on statistics gathered by the ESFI to highlight the uncommon and significant danger posed by electrical systems that aren't fully secure. While the total number of workplace incidents caused by faulty or exposed wiring, issues with ground wires and other related concerns isn't particularly high, exposure to such dangers is especially dangerous. On average, one out of every 13 electrical incidents ends in death. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates a total of 187 workplace deaths per year related to electrical accidents.

The ESFI's plan
National Electrical Safety Month includes the publication of a new issue of ESFI's yearly safety magazine, Electrical Safety Illustrated. Split between home and workplace concerns, some on-the-job concerns include emphasizing the importance of testing before touching potentially live circuits and detailing safe and effective lockout and tagout procedures, with two articles exploring the latter subject. EHS professionals and everyone else interested in reading or distributing the magazine can share links to individual articles and download the entire publication for free.

In terms of safety compliance, electrical issues are a widespread concern. Whether or not employees are electricians or regularly engage with complex electrical processes, a large majority of employees have substantial or incidental contact with powered systems on a daily basis. Using the resources provided by the ESFI and the established nature of National Electrical Safety Month gives businesses the chance to reinforce important safety concepts. Paying extra attention to electrical safety in the workplace in May will help bolster EHS compliance and increase employee safety.

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