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Safeguarding Operations with the Three A’s of Process Safety Management

December 30th, 2015 by Dakota Software Staff Industry News

Safeguarding Operations with the Three A’s of Process Safety Management

It’s the phone call the EHS director, operations manager, or CEO dreads getting: “There has been a major chemical accident in one of your facilities. People have been killed and severely injured. The area around the plant is being evacuated, and the regulators are on their way to investigate.” In the high-risk environment of Process Safety Management (PSM), even minor failures in equipment or processes can lead to catastrophic events that have long term effects on industrial companies and the communities where they operate.

Keeping hazardous liquids and gases contained within the production process and out of the workplace and environment continues to challenge even the world’s largest companies. Accidents involving highly hazardous chemicals such as fires, explosions, and releases to the environment, remain a cause of considerable property damage, injury, and even death in the U.S. today...

In Safeguarding Operations with the Three A’s of Process Safety Management, a new White Paper from Dakota Software, we focus on some of the key areas of PSM and highlight the importance of visibility and accountability. It offers insight into the potential penalties of non-compliance and provides guidance and strategies for mitigating operational risks.

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