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EHS Auditing

Verify ongoing compliance status by capturing audit data and identifying gaps

Dakota's auditing application enables EHS auditors to easily and effectively test and verify a site’s compliance status. Built on the Dakota Auditor platform, this powerful application captures all relevant EHS regulations and allows EHS auditors to leverage the site requirements created in Dakota Profiler.

  • Build site-specific audits based on regulatory profiles
  • Determine audit scope and develop checklists
  • Capture and analyze audit data
  • Migrate audits to leverage past results
  • Use abridged or detailed audit methods
  • Use custom protocols and conduct team-based audits
  • Train auditors and on-site EHS professionals

"In each of the internal EHS baseline audits using Profiler and Auditor in multiple countries, we identified at least one specific regulation that neither the audit team nor the facility staff had previously recognized as applicable."

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