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Remote Access

Remote Access

While internet connectivity is taken for granted by many these days, companies that operate in remote locations know that consistent access is never guaranteed. While many EHS managers struggle with broadband outages, dead spots, and even interference within facilities, those who operate in extreme conditions, such as offshore rigs and ocean going vessels, know that the ability to capture data while offline and synchronize when a secure connection is established is absolutely critical to safety and environmental compliance.

Long before ‘cloud’ was a buzzword and Software as a Service (SaaS) become a preferred method of outsourcing business technologies, Dakota’s Desktop Tracer was helping companies confidently capture and manage EHS compliance data from remote locations. An extension of Dakota’s Tracer application, Desktop Tracer provides access to site-level task management tools regardless of connection status. When a secure connection is available, it synchronizes with organizational data providing both site-specific and enterprise-wide insights to corporate decision makers.

Desktop Tracer fully integrates with Dakota’s ProActivity Suite, which allows enterprises to quickly understand applicable requirements, proactively recognize compliance issues and effectively manage corrective actions. Contact us to find out more about Dakota’s Remote Access solutions.

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