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Permit Compliance

Permit Compliance

When it comes to Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance, federal and state regulations are only the beginning. Organizations must also comply with local regulations and permits. Since most EHS management systems can’t accommodate the variable nature of permits, tracking of the associated dates, obligations, and conditions is often done outside the system. The results are inconsistent monitoring, lack of accountability, and difficulty in reporting.

Dakota Software’s ProActivity Suite is an enterprise-level EHS management system flexible enough to manage all of your compliance obligations. While ProActivity is fueled by our expertly translated federal and state regulations, local protocols can be integrated into its auditing, action tracking, analysis, and reporting capabilities. This unified approach ensures compliance at all levels throughout the organization.

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  • Profiler
    Capture and Filter All EHS Requirements That Pertain to a Facility
  • Metrics
    Collect, Analyze and Report Carbon Management and Other Sustainability Data
  • Auditor
    Save Time by Organizing and Managing the EHS Process
  • Tracer
    Combine Local Activity Execution & Management with Enterprise-Wide EHS Visibility
  • Scout
    Transform Enterprise Safety Management From Reactive Responses to Proactive Identification of Issues

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