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Regulatory Compliance made easier at the site level

Site EHS

EHS professionals must manage their daily activities, respond to audits and their findings, and react to incidents and accidents. This is hard enough itself, without having to worry about which EHS regulations and permits are applicable and which requirements have changed. Dakota Software simplifies this process by allowing EHS professionals to create a customized, detailed compliance profile for their site.

Dakota Software assures EHS professionals that they are focused exclusively on the regulations relevant to their locations, monitor their sites' compliance status, and continuously improve their compliance performance.

Learn how the ProActivity Suite can help you:

  • Profiler
  • Metrics
  • Tracer
  • Scout

"Our interaction and close work with Dakota's Customer Support Department has enabled us to quickly get timely and critical information out of Scout and Tracer. Whether it was customizing our Smart Forms or facilitating dialogue with their developers, the Customer Support department efficiently supported the software's implementation into our safety program enterprise wide to provide the visibility and accountability we needed."

Bryan Trotter
Health, Safety & Environment Manager
SolarWorld Industries-USA