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EHS Audit

EHS Audits Made more Efficient

EHS Audit

Regulations and permits originate from numerous regulatory agencies, are constantly changing, and are often supplemented by industry standards and corporate policies. Knowing which EHS requirements apply where is challenging and time consuming.

Dakota Software allows auditors to easily create protocols for each and every site under their jurisdiction and then identify corrective actions and track them to closure. Dakota Software ensures auditors that they are completely testing regulatory compliance by knowing which regulations are applicable at each and every site and following the progress of corrective actions.

Learn how the ProActivity Suite can help you:

  • Profiler
  • Auditor
  • Tracer

"Dakota Software's Customer Support Team got over a dozen users at AmeriGas Partners up and running with Scout in record time. Dakota immediately understood what we needed for managing our equipment usage across our organization. Implementation of the product was efficient and thorough. Now we're generating reports in record time, have an effective audit trail, easily record our Federal inspections and easily manage equipment records. Kudos to the team at Dakota for an exemplary job."

Keith Ford
Terminal Operations Manager
AmeriGas Partners