ProActivity Suite

The Path to Proactive EHS Compliance


Helps EHS professionals easily and confidently capture and filter all of the requirements pertaining to their facility.

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Dakota Software's ProActivity™ Suite makes it easier for companies to achieve and maintain Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance. At the heart of ProActivity is a rule-based data system fueled by a library of expertly translated regulatory content. Using Decision-Tree-Logic℠, ProActivity helps you pinpoint which of the thousands of regulatory requirements matter to you. It prompts continued compliance by automatically notifying you when a forthcoming requirement or recent regulatory change affects your compliance profile.

ProActivity puts your organizational EHS efforts in-step, providing visibility, insight, and guidance where and when it's needed. Individual profiles allow varying levels of control and automated alerts ensure accountability at the points of control. ProActivity is designed to eliminate uncertainty, so your company can move beyond EHS compliance and become a leader in corporate sustainability.

  • Profiler
    Capture and Filter All EHS Requirements That Pertain to a Facility
  • Tracer
    Combine Local Activity Execution & Management with Enterprise-Wide EHS Visibility
  • Auditor
    Save Time by Organizing and Managing the EHS Process
  • Scout
    Transform Enterprise Safety Management From Reactive Responses to Proactive Identification of Issues
  • Metrics
    Collect, Analyze and Report Carbon Management and Other Sustainability Data