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While manufacturing environments differ greatly from company to company, the core obligations of safety and environmental compliance remain the same. Spurred by globalization, EHS managers in the manufacturing sector have to deal with the demand for increased operational efficiencies while managing shrinking budgets and juggling new regulatory requirements. These same EHS professionals are tasked with staying up to date on OSHA requirements and creating a culture of safety, often throughout multiple locations, states, and countries.

Enter Dakota. With our translated EHS regulatory library and consolidated compliance tracking, EHS managers have the tools they need to act with certainty. With multi-tiered dashboards and permission-based access, our ProActivityTM Suite empowers manufacturers to globally monitor, analyze, and report on compliance, as well as energy usage, carbon emissions, and other corporate sustainability metrics. ProActivity also allows for incident and accident tracking, but more importantly, near-miss and behavior-based safety observations. This proactive, behavior-based approach to safety management is proven to prevent incidents and encourages a true culture of safety.

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Dot Foods

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Dakota not only helps us close corrective actions, it helps us track them and make sure they are closed out.

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