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EHS Managers in the Food and Beverage industry have all of the challenges of a manufacturer along with a number of other unique requirements. Adherence to environmental and safety regulations is critical, but documentation and monitoring of change management, transportation, and training procedures creates additional layers of complexity. Couple this with the need for resource management tools and corporate responsibility initiatives and it’s no wonder that these organizations have difficulty maintaining EHS compliance.

Enter Dakota. With compliance profiles fueled by a library of translated regulatory content, EHS managers can monitor regulatory changes and compliance tasks through easy-to-use dashboards and reporting capabilities. The ProActivity Suite allows for permission-based user profiles that drive compliance to the site level while establishing consistency throughout the organization. ProActivity takes things a step further with integrated tools for managing energy and water usage, carbon emissions, and other efficiency and corporate sustainability KPIs, all designed so managers and executives can globally analyze and monitor success.

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Bay Valley Foods

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Bay Valley Foods replaces their paper-based compliance calendar with Dakota Software's automated EHS compliance tools.

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